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Samaritan is a proprietary polymer that cures in 30 seconds to stop bleeding. This is done without the use of clotting agents which makes it the most unique product in its field. The applications for use are very broad.


Samaritan Cures in 30 seconds and Controls any Bleeds

This shows how Samaritan can be used to stop a bleed within 30 seconds. Samaritan is removable in one piece allowing the surgeon to caurterize as it is removed. Does not tear away from the cellular wall.


Samaritan In Pigs Liver - Simulated Arterial Bleed with Anti- Coagulated Blood

Samaritan can stop arterial bleeding in seconds. In fact it is so powerful that even the artery is penetrated and sealed off.


Samaritan Ear Pro SEP-X

Samaritan SEP-X is the most cutting edge ear protection system avaialble today. SEP-X can fill and seal two ears within 32 seconds and can even cure submerged in water. SEP-X can also be used to stop bleeding in the field.

Samaritan removes in one piece without tearing away from the cellular wall

No matter where Samaritan is, the surgeon can remove it in one piece without further trauma to the patient. Blood vessels remain occluded.

Samaritan shown visible through MRI

Samaritan can be seen through X-Ray, MRI Ultrsound etc... This is extremely helpfull prior to surgery as it can show the shape and depth of a wound.


Samaritan shown coming out in one piece from a pigs heart

Here you see Samaritan being removed in one piece from a pigs heart. Barium is added for exray purposes so the samaritan can be seen no matter where it is located.

Samaritan shown with IV

50 Americans die per day from IV and Port infections. Samaritan can be applied prior to IV or Port access to prevent infection. It can also be placed over the IV and Port to secure it to the skin and will completley seal out infections.

Samaritan with SPF added

Samaritan shown here with SPF added acting as a sunscreen that doesnt wash away from sweat or water and simply peels off in one piece.

Samaritan with Barium added for Xray purposes

Samaritan can be formulated with barium so that a surgeon can see the exact depth and shape of a wound prior to surgery. Samaritan also seals the wound so that an impalling object can be removed safley.